the cause and effect of quality scores on AdWords ROI“Quality scores can have a significant impact on the return on investment (ROI) and effectiveness of AdWords campaigns.”

Is this a statement of fact or a personal opinion?

The answer to this question may depend on your role within your organization. For a corporate marketer who manages a PPC campaign or as an agency lead on a client account, understanding the cause of quality scores and its effect on ROI – could mean the difference between retaining your AdWords spend for the next budget cycle or retaining your client altogether. If you hold one of these roles, allow me to demonstrate that “this is a statement of fact.” Since ROI is key, I believe all PPC campaign owners should live and breathe this credo.

Google uses its quality score as part of their calculation for keyword Ad Rank, which is used in the keyword auction to determine which ads are shown, in what position and at what price.

Once Google has ranked the ads in the paid search auction, the quality score is used as part of its bid calculation. Lower quality scores will drive higher CPCs for the same ad position. Google has both a minimum quality threshold and a minimum bid threshold for ads. Very poor quality scores can prevent an ad from being displayed even when there is no competition for those keywords.

If you were unsure about the importance of quality score before reading this blog, I hope you now appreciate its importance.

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