four steps away from improving quality scoresIn our previous blog posts, we’ve discussed how quality scores work, the ROI impact of quality scores, and how quality scores impact the Ad Rank. In this last post in our blog series on quality scores, we’d like to put this all together for you with the four steps you can execute on to improve your quality score health.

Though Google quality score information is available in an AdWords account, on larger campaigns it can be time consuming and difficult to find which quality scores have the highest impact on which campaigns. Quality scores are vital to the success of your campaigns, but as a Campaign Manager, you are also tasked with calibrating a number of complex variables that are akin to the oft quoted lament, “Like herding cats!”

Following are the four key steps we recommend need to be performed to enable you to understand, make appropriate adjustments and ultimately optimize your campaign performance.

These steps can be done manually or using an AdWords campaign optimizer such as Adigence to quickly pinpoint the “low hanging fruit” and guide your actions.

1. Find the keywords that give you the quickest lift, now!
Analyze all of your keywords and determine which ones will provide the best ROI from an improved quality score.

2. Find and improve any under performing and weak ad copy.
It is essential that you pinpoint the ads that are not being shown due to low quality scores. After all, you and your team have invested time and effort in developing the ads – and if Google deems them not adequate for “prime time” then you are not even getting out of the gate!

3. Diagnose where you have weak landing page copy.
By investing in the effort to optimize your ad copy in conjunction with the associated landing pages, your keywords should generate more, higher value visitors at a lower per visit cost. Make sure you take the time to diagnose and remedy any weak landing pages.

4. Track your performance trends and adjust campaigns in real time.
Develop reports that can let you see how your quality score is improving over time, and that track the corresponding changes in impression share and visitors.

The four steps recommended here will allow you to dramatically improve the quality score of your keywords and ultimately greatly increase your overall campaign ROI.

This process can be time consuming and complex if done manually which is why our clients choose ‘Adigence’ to simplify the process and dive right in to the highest impact activities to drive up their quality scores.

In the immortal words of Aristotle: ”Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

If you still have questions or would like more information on how an AdWords campaign optimizer such as Adigence can help address these four steps, visit

Until next time…”Happy Campaigning!”

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